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Germania / Bayern / Nürnberg

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Francese, Inglese, Tedesco

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Austria, Belgio, Canada, Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Guernsey, Irlanda, Lussemburgo, Norvegia, Paesi Bassi (Olanda), Polonia, Svezia


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Bitte alles anbieten, wir denken über jeden Vorschlag ernsthaft nach, denn wir sind sehr gerne unterwegs und der Meinung, dass es überall auf der Welt schöne Flecken gibt.

The house is ideal for holidays, for sightseeing in Nuremburg (or other historic small towns) and for children, because the beaches around the lakes are sandy and there are a lot of playgrounds.
If you wish to try kite-surfing there is a local school on the beach. Sailing lessons are running during the holidays. Bicycle rentals and several restaurants nearby.
Don`t hesitate and ask for further informations. Please check the availablity, we don`t need to travel the same time.

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