Prague (apartment near the castle)

Da: Hana

06 mag 2018 23:46

Prague (apartment near the castle)

PRAGUE swap available July, August, Xmas (except for new year), January and February 2019

Looking for Europe or Canada this summer, Hawai other warm places December 2018- February 2019. I avoid hot and busy spots in the summer. Nature preferred. Maximum occupancy 2 people + 1 child.


Risposte (3)

  • Moni
    Da: Moni

    14 mag 2018 21:25

    Hola Hana.
    Si te interesa mi casa podemos hablar..

  • Maria Mtezirujo
    Da: Maria Mtezirujo

    15 mag 2018 23:46

    If you want nature... 

  • Cav
    Da: Cav

    16 mag 2018 13:36

    Huelva? Very big and dessert beach